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Form I-589 Delays & Other Updates Announced By The Uscis

In today’s blog, we will share the latest immigration updates from the US Citizenship and Immigration Service.

USCIS announced delays in issuing the receipt notice for Form I-589 on July 28.  The USCIS has also stated that applicants for Applications for Asylum and Withholding of Removal may not receive their notices on time.

Regarding the 1-year filing deadline for asylum. The filing date will be when USCIS receives a properly filed Form I-589 from the applicant, not the date it was processed.

The applications will be rejected if they are not properly filed, and in case of any deficiencies, they will be noted in the filing. USCIS announced that if the applicants have not received their receipt notice on time, then they should not submit multiple Forms I-589, as it will delay their case.

USCIS issued the following reminder to help the applicants to file their Forms I-589 properly to avoid further delays:

  • The applicant must submit their application for asylum within one year of arriving in the US, which is the official deadline unless the applicant can prove their circumstances that substantially affect their eligibility for asylum or exceptional circumstances that are related to your failure to file within one year.
  • The applicant must provide required information about themselves and their family.
  • The applicant must answer all the questions in the Form. If the applicant does not know the required information, then they must write ‘none’, ‘not acceptable, or ‘unknown’.
  • The applicant must type or print all answers in black ink.
  • The applicant must fill in their information properly, or it will be returned as incomplete
  • Applicants are strongly advised to attach additional written documents and statements that might support their claim.
  • The statement must include dates, events, and experiences that support the claim for asylum.

If the applicant has an Alien Registered Number (A-Number), it must be provided. The applicant should properly document their name, date, and signature on each supplemental sheet and on the cover page of any supporting document.

The applicant must follow the instructions in the Where to the File section and the Special Instruction section on the Form I-589 webpage to determine where to file your Form I-589.

If an application is lodged for asylum as an Afghan Operation Allies Welcome (OAW) parolee, one should review the Afghan Operation Allies Welcome (OAW) parolee and they should read the Frequently Asked Questions.

It is important to note that applicants should not submit any Form I-589 to the Vermont Service Centre(VSC) as it will result in additional delays. currently, the VSC is not processing Form I-589.

Parolees Can Now Avail The Form I-765 E-File:

Certain parolees can now file a Form I-765 application for Employment Authorization Online as announced by USCIS.

Eligibility Criteria:

With limited exceptions, applicants for employment authorization under category (C) (11) are

Eligible to file Form I-765 online, with immediate effect. The applicants, such as Afghan national parolees who are seeking a waiver of the filing fee or those eligible for a fee exemption through Operation Allies Welcome and filing an initial Form I-765, must submit their Form by mail.

Eligible applicants must visit my.uscis.gov to create a USCIS online account to file Form I-765 online. Creating an online account comes with several benefits including the ability to communicate with USCIS through a secure inbox.

This is the end of today’s blog update. We hope you found this blog useful. Please don’t forget to support us by subscribing to our newsletter and sharing this blog with your friends and family on Facebook, Whatsapp, and Twitter.

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