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US Announces ID Cards For Undocumented Immigrants

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In this blog update, we will be discussing about the new system introduced by the US government that could ease everyday life in the US for undocumented immigrants.

The US government plans to introduce a new identification system for undocumented immigrants. These documents will be named ‘ Secure Docket Card. The ICE Secure Docket card will be beneficial for undocumented migrants. These cards will be issued to those migrants who have crossed the US-Mexico border or other undocumented migrants who do not have legal status or ID cards ( a legal way to identify themselves) as they proceed with their immigration cases or removal court proceedings.

The details of these programs have not been formalized. However, the Secure Docket Cards will include biographical information, photo, and a QR code that could help undocumented immigrants to access their court information and immigration documents online. The new Secure Docket Card program will help to reduce the burden of the immigration system as previously. The migrants have to wait in long queues for court proceedings or check in at government offices during the different processes for official work. The new Secure Docket cards will help to communicate between undocumented immigrants, government officials, and law enforcement officers. It will also increase the efficiency of the current immigration system.

The new ID cards would help the everyday life of undocumented migrants to spend their life with ease in the US. Usually, the immigrants who do not have their legal documents have difficulty accessing basic necessities, including healthcare, housing, transportation and other benefits programs by the government. Transportation Security Administration allows undocumented immigrants to travel within the US by plane. Currently, some type of immigration documents is accepted as valid identification for travel by Transportation Security Administration.

Around $10 million has been assigned by the US Government for the upcoming Department of Homeland Security (DHS) appropriation bill. In order to make this proposal plan a reality, the democrats need the approval of congress by the end of September 2023.

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