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October 10, 2022

Exciting Opportunity For Travel Enthusiasts

In today’s blog, we will be taking a look at a new exciting opportunity to travel to Australia and New Zealand.

An international firm is recruiting people to travel around Australia and New Zealand in a campervan. The most exciting part is that the person who will be chosen will also be paid £2500 monthly to document their travels. The lucky individual will also be paid on a weekly basis to pay for their fuel and food, including the money for their visa and air ticket. The individual will be funded to travel for six whole months.

The question that must be coming to your mind is are there any conditions the individual must fulfil in return for the company? The answer is the company doesn’t expect much. All you will be required to do is be a ‘social media nomad’. You might have to promote and represent the brand and host some remote meetings. The selected candidate will be expected to share their adventures on the firm’s social media platforms.

Who Can Apply For This Adventurous Job?

1) To be eligible for this job, the candidate must have three years of experience as an influencer,  brand ambassador, or social media manager.

2) Candidates must have a strong command of the English language in both speaking and writing.

3) The candidate must have a valid passport and a driving licence.

4) Preference will be given to candidates who have prior experience in content creation and a ‘special connection’ with Australia and/or New Zealand.

Applications will close on 11 October, so if this sounds like something you want to do and you meet the eligibility requirements, then don’t waste your time.

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