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October 30, 2022

Drop In Express Entry CRS Score Expected

Today’s blog will look at the possible drop in the Express Entry CRS score.

Last July, the IRCC restarted all-program Express Entry draws following a hiatus of more than 18 months.

The initial draw invited 1,500 candidates to submit applications for permanent residency—furthermore, the minimum Comprehensive Ranking System score was 557.

With each draw since July 6, the minimum CRS has steadily decreased. The first five draws had drops of 8 or 9 points, and the last two draws on September 14 and 28 decreased by only 6 points in each draw. The September 28 score was 504. If this trend persists, the score could soon sink below 500 for an all-program draw. This would be the first time since the CRS score was 468 in the draw on December 23, 2020.

Although the score is gradually declining, compared to draws before the pandemic, 504 is still significantly high. A typical draw prior to the pandemic would have held a CRS score between 450 and 500 points.

Along with the CRS score decline, the number of ITAs has also increased with each draw. Once more, the first several draws witnessed a growth of 250 candidates with each draw until the most recent three draws. In these draws, the number of ITAs has leaped by 500 each draw. All-program draws in 2020 invited between 3,400- 4,500 candidates each time.

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