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Converting from a UK Fiance Visa to a Marriage Visa

Converting from a UK Fiance Visa to a Marriage Visa

Transitioning to Permanent Partnership Status

In the UK, the transition from a fiancé visa to a marriage (or spouse) visa is an important step for those seeking to settle permanently with their partner. Visa and Migration Ltd describes this process in such detail.



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Key Requirements and Process

Timely Submitting The application for the marriage visa should be done before your fiancé visa expires. After the endorsement, marriage visa grants you a stay in the UK for 30 months; it could be extended for an additional 30 months.

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Eligibility Criteria

  • Applicants and partners must be 18 years old or older.
  • The partner must be either a British or Irish national living in the UK, with pre-settled status, have a Turkish Businessperson or Worker visas, and the refugee status proofs.
  • This relationship must be natural, lawful and accepted in the UK.
  • The couple has to plan for permanent residency in the UK.
  • This should include financial requirements as well as accommodation, English language and good character standards.
  • If you haven’t married during the fiancé visa time frame, but intend to marry in the next six months you can apply for an extension. You should present a legitimate explanation for the delay and proof of marriage that will soon take place.

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Application Process

  • Visit the UK Government website and apply online.
  • Submit the application fee (£1048) and Immigration Health Surcharge (£1560 at the moment).
  • Book and take your appointment at a UKVCAS service point for biometrics.


Professional Legal Assistance

Since the immigration processes are so complicated and have high stakes for people having to go through them, consulting firms such as Visa and Migration Ltd may prove a lifeline in these endeavors. They provide knowledge on how to navigate the complexities of UK immigration law, allowing a seamless transition from a fiancé visa to a marriage visa.

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The process of converting from a fiancé visa to a marriage visa in the UK is very complex and one has to ensure that all requirements are met. Therefore, the applicants should carefully prepare their applications and have professional legal advice to ensure compliance and improve their chances of getting a favorable result.

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