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No More Entry Visa Requirements For Colombia  Guyana and Peru

Changes In Uk Visa

No More Entry Visa Requirements For Three Countries:

In this blog, we will be sharing the details of the Airlines operating between the UK, South America and the Caribbean due to the removal of entry visa requirements in the UK.

By November 9, the United Kingdom will remove the entry visa condition for citizens of Colombia, Guyana, and Peru for six-month trips. Some airlines from these locations have welcomed this announcement by seeking to improve the air connectivity between the UK, South America and the Caribbean.

The airlines flying from these three countries to the UK are as follows:

Colombian Avianca

The Colombian airline Avianca has welcomed this decision by collaborating with Heathrow Airport (LHR) administration to grow its services by 2023 between Bogota (BOG) and London (LHR). The airline has also obtained a few slot pairs at Heathrow, coming from a Russian airline Aeroflot. These were cancelled by the Heathrow airport authority due to the Ukraine-Russia conflict.

The President and CEO of Avianca have expressed his vision to increase the airlines’ capacity to and from the UK. He stated that they are working closely with the Heathrow airport authorities to make this vision a reality.

Avianca began its operations in 2014, with daily flights between Bogota (BOG) and London (LHR). It was the only airline at that time connecting the UK to Colombia with non-stop services. As of 2022, the airline has mobilized about 90,000 passengers and 2,500 tons of cargo on this route between four hundred flights.

Avianca Flight Itinerary

  • Bogota – London Flight AV 120 BOG 23:15 – LHR 15:39+1
  • London – Bogota Flight AV 121 LHR 22:40 – BOG 03:29+1

The route is operated daily by Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner aircraft having a capacity of 250 seats in two classes (28 Business Class/222 Economy).

Guyana Airlines

Guyanese Airlines the InterCaribbean has also welcomed the decision by offering Guyanese travellers the opportunity to connect to London via direct flight between Georgetown (GEO) and Bridgetown, Barbados (BGI) while operating nine flights a week.

British Airways will be the only European carrier as of March 27, 2023, to operate in Guyana. It connects from London via St. Lucia with two weekly flights operating on Boeing 777-200ERs.

British Airways Flight Itinerary

  • London Gatwick – St. Lucia Flight BA 2159 LGW 11:35 – UVF 15:35+1 Monday and Thursday
  • St. Lucia – Georgetown Flight BA 2159 UVF 16:25 – GEO 18:05 Monday and Thursday.
  • Georgetown – St. Lucia Flight BA 2158 GEO 19:50 – UVF 20:15 Monday and Thursday.
  • St. Lucia – London Gatwick Flight BA 2158 UVF 22:15 – GEO 11:45+1 Thursday and Sunday.

According to the 2019 records of the UK Department of Migration, more than 27,000 Guyanese are living in the United Kingdom and around 7,630 Britons have arrived in the country.

Peru Airlines

There are no direct flights between Peru and United Kingdom. The last operation was by British Airways on a route between London Gatwick (LGW) – Lima (LIM). The company so far has not declared its plans to return to the Inca country.

The data obtained by Aviacionline through the UK Civil Aviation Authority states that 43,281 passengers have been mobilized between London and Lima in 2019.

The Peruvian students and researchers willing to travel to the UK for the short term will also benefit from this decision. UK is an excellent academic centre for Peruvian students and each year 500 students are accepted by UK universities. This decision will also help to enhance the trade and investment opportunities between the two nations, especially in the mining sector.

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