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October 10, 2022

Canada’s New Pathway To Retain Temporary Residents

The IRCC spokesperson Michelle Carbert has stated that the government is collaborating with the Canadian Labour Congress, which refers candidates with a strong probability of fulfilling the eligibility conditions of the public policy to the IRCC. Applicants considered eligible may submit an application for a temporary resident permit and an open work permit to continue to stay and work in Canada until the processing and finalization of their permanent resident application are completed.

In 2021, the IRCC introduced the one-time Temporary Resident-to-Permanent Resident (TR-to-PR) pathway. This pathway was open to welcoming 90,000 temporary workers and international graduates who are currently present in Canada.

Through the new pathway, the IRCC intends to tap into a current trend of temporary residents who are applying for and receiving Canada’s permanent residency.

Last year, nearly 169,000 foreign nationals in Canada holding work permits received their permanent residency, adding up to about 41.6 percent of all recent permanent residents to Canada in 2021.

Carbert stated that above 157,000 former international students received permanent residency in 2021, which was a new record. This includes above 88,000 who shifted directly from a Post-Graduation Work Permit (PGWP) to permanent status.

She added that IRCC would persist in exploring new routes to support more foreign citizens currently residing in Canada to make this country their permanent home.

Carbert said that this is a chance for them to examine the best techniques and lessons from their past experiences to ensure the most comprehensive and effective public policy.

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