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Can you Apply For Multiple Immigration Programs At Once? - Blog

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Can you Apply For Multiple Immigration Programs At Once?

According to the IRCC, immigration law does not forbid multiple applications; however, no refund will be made for the paid processing fees.

With the option to choose from over 100 economic class immigration programs, you would likely be suitable for multiple Canadian immigration programs. So, the question arises if you can simultaneously apply for more than one program.

As per Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC), it is possible to have two applications at once. However, you might have to withdraw one prior to a decision made on the other application. Furthermore,  you will not receive a refund on any processing fees paid.

More than one Express Entry profile is not permitted

Canadian immigration law does not permit you to hold multiple profiles simultaneously. The IRCC website states that holding more than one profile will not offer you an increased chance of being invited nor let you be invited through another program.

However, your Express Entry application could include your spouse or common-law partner. Each application via the Express Entry has a Principal Applicant (PA), who is given a Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) score. The PA can include a spouse and dependent children in the application.

If applying as a couple, remember that only one partner can be the PA. The couple can decide which partner is the PA if both partners are eligible for at least one Express Entry-managed program. This rule is essential since one partner will probably hold a CRS score higher than the other.

Maintaining a profile in the Express Entry pool does not secure an ITA. You could be given an ITA if your CRS score fulfills the minimum cap in a given Express Entry draw.

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