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Backlog increases as IRCC tries to reach service targets Canada Immigration Backlog June 2023

Canada’s Immigration Crisis: Backlogs Rise Again!

As of 31 May 2023, Canada immigration backlog has increased by 1.35% to 820,000, as indicated by the newly updated IRCC data provided on 16 June 2023.



In addition to this, the processing of applications under regular IRCC service standards grew by 231,000 to 1,428,000. This increment was caused by the influx of new applications in all the categories.



Interestingly, IRCC handled approximately 2.25 million applications as of 31 May 2023.

This is the highest inventory after September 2022 Canada immigration backlog data.

On the other hand, the backlog for permanent residency applications fell by nearly 4.34% compared to the update given on 30 April.

Unfortunately, the citizenship backlog increased by 13.69%. In contrast, the temporary residency applications backlog got hiked by 3.62%.

Moreover, IRCC data confirmed a 30% boost in new temporary residency applications.

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Segregation Between Canada Immigration Backlog And IRCC Service Standards

The IRCC minister differentiated between backlog data and IRCC service standards in August 2022.

For example, if the designated processing time for spousal sponsorship is 12 months, then an application is not considered a backlog for 12 months.

Instead, the authorities will classify such pending applications as awaiting processing under IRCC service standards. It will be considered a backlog after exceeding 12 months.

IRCC aims to process 80% of applications according to its service standards.

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