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Canada To Deport 700 International Students

More than 700 Indian students with fake admission offer letters for educational institutions have been issued deportation notices by the Canadian Border Security Agency (CBSA).

According to an Indian student, nearly 700 students submitted applications for student visas after completing the 12th grade through a migration agent in India. All of these visa applications were submitted from 2018 to 2022.

Moreover, the agent took somewhere between Rs 16 to 20 lakhs from prospective students for expenses that included admission fees for Humber College, a renowned Canadian institute. However, the money the agent took from students didn’t cover air tickets and security deposits.

The student further added that once he and other students landed in Toronto, the agent called to tell them their seats at Humber College for different courses got filled, and now they have to wait till the next semester starts after six months. The agent also suggested students get admission to another college to save time. Surprisingly, he returned the money taken from students, which reinforced their trust in his services.

As a result, some students decided to follow the agent’s advice and get admission to another college for a 2-year diploma. Students attended the classes and completed their courses, allowing them to secure Canadian work permits. Once those students became eligible for permanent residency, they submitted relevant documents to the immigration department. That’s when the real trouble began.

As CBSA scrutinized students’ documents, which were used to grant them visas, it discovered their college admission letters to be fake. Consequently, CBSA issued deportation notices to those students, but not before giving them an opportunity to present their case.

The student also confirmed that the agent didn’t sign any of the documents himself. Instead, he had students sign the documents to portray them as self-applicants who didn’t hire the services of an agent. Needless to say, the agent did this deliberately since all the documents he provided were fake.

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