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Canada Start-Up Visa: A Permanent Residence Opportunity For Immigrant Entrepreneurs

Recently, Canada’s Start-Up Visa (SUV) program has experienced a surge. There is also an upward trend in residence approvals for immigrant entrepreneurs. Let’s look deeper into this topic through this blog!

Growing Popularity in Start-up Visa (SUV)

In June, there has been a great surge in the SUV program’s popularity, and monthly arrivals have multiplied in July. There were 135 new permanent residents. So far this year, 480 new permanent residents have come to Canada. Comparatively, this is a 33.3% increase since last year.


Future Predictions

If this continues, Canada will bring in more than 823 immigrant entrepreneurs by the end of this year. Increasing 43.1% from last year. In the coming years, IRCC has planned to increase admissions for Start-Up Visa applicants. The goal is to get 6,000 by 2025.

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Top Destinations for Immigrant Entrepreneurs

The top destination for immigrant entrepreneurs is Ontario and British Columbia. The number of permanent residents through the SUV is constant in British Columbia, but there has been a 45.5% increase in Ontario.

Advantages of Canada’s Start-Up Visa Program

This program is different from others, allowing candidates to get work permits and enter Canada after being supported by an investor in the country. This route offers a great chance to establish your business while you wait for permanent residence approval.

Canada’s Start-Up Visa program offers a great future and opportunities for immigrant entrepreneurs. Now is the perfect time to search for more about this program.

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