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Breaking! Canada's New Immigration Strategy for New Migrants! CIC News 2023

Canada’s New Immigration Strategy in Response To The Housing Crisis

According to Statistics Canada, in the 12 months to July 1, 2023, the population of Canada grew by 2.9 percent, which is more than 40 million.

Marc Miller, the Immigration Minister, stated recently that Canada will include planning for healthcare, housing, and several other services into its immigration strategy after getting its largest jump in terms of population in nearly seven decades.EQB2OYjVUAEWiPR

Miller stated that they must align the services and immigration programme systems with the labour market of Canada. He added that everyone, including stakeholders, has consistently spoken daily about their needs on this matter.

For instance, in recent years, labour shortages have been consistent in the healthcare and construction sectors.

The Canadian government is surrounded by concerns about its annual immigration target of about 500,000 permanent residents by 2025. They are feeling the pressure, especially considering the ongoing housing crisis and the soaring cost of living.

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The immigration target for this year itself is a massive 465,000!

However, the ministry has stated that an important part of the new strategy is to expedite the processing services at institutions for international student permits with finer services, housing, and other supports.

Miller also added that this news strategy is crucial so that Canada can quickly adapt and react toward a sustainable solution to a developing humanitarian crisis.

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