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WARNING Immigrants Are Leaving Canada at Faster Pace, Study Shows ~ CIC News November 2023

Increasing Trend of Immigrants Departing Canada

In today’s blog; we’ll be talking about Challenges in Retention faced by the Canadian government as Immigrants are reconsidering the Canadian Dream.

In spite of Canada’s status as a leading destination for immigrants in search of better opportunities, a new study specifies a growing trend of new immigrants leaving Canada. This phenomenon, known as reverse migration, has seen a 31% increase above the historical average, with a noteworthy rise in the past two years.


Factors Causing the Reverse Migration

The Institute for Canadian Citizenship’s research highlights that approximately 20% of immigrants have departed from Canada, with 67,000 documented departures in 2019 only. Immigrants are most likely to relocate four to seven years after their arrival, signifying that their initial experiences in Canada are vital to their decision to stay in Canada.

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Primary Reasons for Migration Reversal

The primary reasons immigrants are reassessing their stay in Canada include the increasing living costs, ongoing housing crisis, healthcare challenges and the complex recognition process for foreign documentation. Skilled professionals, in spite of being welcomed through programs like Express Entry, struggle to obtain corresponding career opportunities and face monetary pressures due to price hikes and taxation.

Plans to Improve Immigrant Retention

To tackle this reverse migration, the report advises a joint effort from various government levels to screen migration rates and improve settlement services. Infrastructure developments and proposals that endorse a sense of belonging could be key to inspiring immigrants to stay in Canada. Marc Miller, the Canadian Immigration Minister recognizes the public’s honesty in immigration but emphasizes the need for better coordination in handling immigrant arrivals, mainly concerning housing, healthcare, and infrastructure.

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