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Breaking News Australias Top Secret Agreement on Asylum Seekers

Australia’s Top-Secret Agreement on Asylum Seekers

In today’s blog, we’ll be discussing about Australia and PNG Secret Asylum Seeker Deal.


The Government of Australia has secretly decided to pay Papua New Guinea (PNG) to keep around 75 refugees and asylum seekers in Port Moresby. The classified bilateral agreement was authorized in December 2021, but the specifics, including the amount of subsidy, remain secret.


What’s the top secret agreement about?


The secret agreement states that PNG will offer safety and aid to refugees sent there against their will by Australia. The asylum seekers and refugees, most of whom were sent outside Australia a decade ago as part of Australia’s offshore detention regime, currently are in a state of shock, facing a vague future and undergoing severe mental and physical health situations.

Demands for Clarity on the secret agreement


David Pocock, ACT’s Independent senator, has demanded for complete clarity regarding the subsidy allotted under the top-secret agreement between Australia and PNG. Furthermore, the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre has also articulated apprehension about the lack of responsibility for how the finances are spent. The Government of Australia has so far denied to answer questions on its secret agreement with PNG.

This is the end of our today’s blog update. Don’t forget to comment below and share your opinion with us regarding this top-secret agreement between Australia and PNG. Thanks for visiting our blog update.

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