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Unlocking the World Australias Travel Document Ranks High Globally

Australian Passport Leaps the Global Power Rankings

If you’re an Australian passport holder, now this is good news for you. According to the Henley Passport Index, the Australian passport has risen from eighth to sixth place in the rankings.

This means now you can travel to a whopping 186 destinations without obtaining a visa, a visitor’s permit, or even an ETA (electronic travel authority) upon arrival.


Did you know that the world’s most powerful passport belongs to Singapore? After overthrowing Japan’s five-year reign, Singaporeans can now enjoy visa-free travel to 192 out of 227 destinations worldwide.

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In second place, we have Spain, Italy, and Germany with access to 190 visa-free destinations.


Japan, this titan in the passport world, has taken a bit of a tumble and now finds itself sharing third place. It’s not alone, though, as Austria, Finland, France, Luxembourg, South Korea, and Sweden are all hanging out there too.

We’ve been observing the United States for a while, and it’s been quite a journey. This time around, it’s dropped a couple of steps, landing at the eighth position, with passport holders having visa-free access to a solid 184 destinations.


Let’s not forget the power duo of 2014, the UK and the US. These guys were ruling just about 10 years ago. Sadly, they’ve been on a bit of a downhill slope since then.

Just so you know, all this information comes from the Henley Passport Index. They use data from the International Air Transport Authority, comparing the visa-free access of passports from 199 nations to 227 destinations.


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