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Australia’s Parent Visa Problems & Solutions Australia Immigration News 2024

Australia’s Parent Visa Problems!

In today’s blog update, we’ll talk about the Parent Visa Quandary in Australia.

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Let’s get back to the video, and talk Introduce you to the Issue

Introduction to the Issue

A three-member independent panel selected by the Minister for Home Affairs published a review of Australia’s migration system in March 2023. This was a four-member panel comprising of doctor Martine Parkes, Professor Howe, and mister John Azaria. Their report pointed out major obstacles in the family migration area especially related to parents’ visas.


Growing Demand and Limited Supply

Family migration, including parent visas, is in much greater demand than available places. For example, only 8,500 locations for parent visas were set aside from the 52,500 family visas in the 2022-23 Migration Program. However, it is only available in a few hospitals and this has resulted in extensive queues in the waiting list. By 2022, the parent visa backlog increased from close to 35,000 in 2010 to about 120,000 and some applicants even faced wait times of up to 50 years.

Economic Concerns and Government Policy

Parent visa allocations are limited by governments out of concern that the nation will be burdened with an aging population. Australia’s treasurer estimates that every Australian parental immigrant costs the government about A$393,000 for their entire life span. This has shaped policies and contributed to the present severe visa restrictions.

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Alternative Perspectives

On the other hand, the Federation of Indian Associations in Victoria Inc. advocates that the parent visa should be considered as a support system that lightens the financial burden on the children’s daycare and allows parents to develop professionally. Approximately 24% of parent visa holders participate in the care of their grandchildren by enabling their children to join the workforce, which has a trickle-down economic impact on the economy.

Suggested Reforms

These reforms suggested by the panel were: the adoption of a lottery approach to solve visa backlogs; improvement of SPTV (sponsored parent visitor visa); and temporary migration options, instead of permanent migration options for parents.


The reality of parent visas in Australia involves an intricate debate between economic issues and family expectations. The system has been inundated with increasing backlogs and long waiting periods require serious reforms to solve these problems in a meaningful way.


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