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Latest Changes in the Youth Mobility Scheme

In today’s blog update, we will tell you about individuals Who are eligible for the Youth Mobility Scheme, what do the latest changes entail?

Those who get the Youth Mobility scheme visa can live and work in the UK for not more than 2 years (but in case the holder is from New Zealand then he/she may stay for only 3 years). However, as mentioned earlier, the Youth Mobility Scheme is restricted to certain nationalities. Hence, in this blog, we consider those who can apply for the Youth Mobility visa and the upcoming changes to the Visa Scheme.

There is no way that an Australian, Canadian, a Monegasque, a Sammarinese, or an Icelander cannot find his/her way into it today. You need to be between 18 and 30 years old.

For example, if you are in the right age bracket and you are nation of Hong Kong, Japan, Taiwan or South Korea can also apply. Although, you have to first play a part in the Youth Mobility Scheme’s lottery game. This site provides information related to how to get into the ballot as well as timelines for ballot opening.


You can also apply if you are a British overseas national, British overseas citizen, or a British overseas territories citizen and do not have to enter the lottery as stated above.

There is another scheme you may apply for if your country of origin is India and call it ‘India Young Professionals’. The scheme has also got some eligibility conditions albeit close to those in the Youth Mobility Scheme.

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What happens on 31st January 2024?

Our anticipation is that starting January 31st, 2024, we should see further growth of this scheme in regards to citizens in Andorra as well as individuals from Uruguay. Moreover, this limit will also be raised for Australians and Canadians who should also be eligible for the scheme at the age bracket that now ranges from 18 years to 35 years old, just like their New Zealand counterparts. However, other eligible nationalities will continue with the age bracket ranging (i.e., 18-30). Many people in different parts of the world will look forward to joining the scheme.

Our blog ends here. Thanks for visiting our blog today.


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