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High Demand: Australian Immigration is Still Soaring!

Did you know the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) recently published the data for monthly overseas arrivals and departures for May? Interestingly, the data indicates that quarterly net permanent and long-term arrivals declined to 97,780. This is indeed a drastic fall from the record-breaking numbers in April at 155,280. Such an impressive growth resulted from 88,810 net arrivals in February before the university year began.



Following the quarterly decline, annual net permanent and long-term arrivals still increased to 323,420 in the year to May. The numbers are gradually reaching the record high of 387,000 net overseas migration in 2022.



Furthermore, a different monthly temporary visa report for June confirms the arrivals of 449,000 net temporary migrants over the year. Unfortunately, this shows a minor decline in the numbers, which were at their peak at 460,000 in the year to April.

Needless to say, Australian immigration continues to excel, as temporary, long-term, and permanent arrivals keep growing Australia’s population.

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