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Australian is OPEN Immigration especially For Accountants Australia Work Visa 2023 Updates

Australia Desperate For Accountants

Australia lacks a supply of accounting, audit, and finance professionals. Did you know Australia needs an additional 30,000 experts in the fields mentioned earlier in the next three years? Different professional entities, including CA ANZ and CPA Australia, stressed the need to revisit the skilled migrant program to meet the growing demand for skilled accounting professionals successfully.



The falling number of Australian graduates compared to the estimated demand of 338,362 accountants by 2026 further emphasizes the urgency of the situation. It is safe to say that Australia’s current approach will not help the nation in any way since it is filled with uncertainty. On the other hand, the United States seems to be taking a relatively stable approach without any uncertainty.



Australia has to get rid of skilled migrant caps and focus more on the quality of migrants to overcome the issue of skills shortage in the accounting industry. Taking these steps would help Australia tackle the ongoing workforce shortages effectively by attracting more skilled migrants to the country.

Did you know estimates indicate that nearly 22,000 accounting professionals will retire in the next five years? Needless to say, it would only make the skills shortage exceedingly alarming.

Job vacancies remain twice as high as in pre-pandemic times even after observing a 4.9% decrease in August 2022. This shows sustained demand for accountants in Australia.

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My name is Sambhavi, and I am a 29-year-old semi-qualified Chartered Accountant with a strong desire to further my professional career by pursuing the CPA Australia designation. I would greatly appreciate your guidance and insights into the following areas:

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2. Skill Assessment and Recognition: What are the procedures for skill assessment and qualification recognition for overseas accountants in Australia, and are there any specific requirements I should be aware of?

3. Networking and Professional Organizations: Are there any professional organizations or networking opportunities that can facilitate the job search and integration process for aspiring accountants?

4. Job Search Tips: Do you have any advice on effective job search strategies, including where to look for job postings

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