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Australia banning concurrent enrolment in crackdown on dodgy providers

Australia banning concurrent enrolment in crackdown on “dodgy” providers

This ban took place as there were Concerns Over Misuse of Concurrent Enrolments in Australia. The Government of Australia has taken a firm stance against the abuse of concurrent enrolments by international students. The Australian government has found a loophole that allowed students to instantly switch to more affordable education providers soon after their arrival in Australia. This move mainly targets “dodgy” institutions that have been misusing this policy to their benefit.



Growing Concerns and Immediate Actions


The concurrent enrolment policy was primarily designed to let students commence additional courses together with their primary study program. On the other hand, there’s been a rush in its exploitation. Generally, a student would have to wait a minimum of six months to change their institution. But with this gap, they could do it more quickly.



In 2023, there was a noteworthy rise in the use of this function. An astounding 17,000 concurrent enrolments were documented in just the first half of the year. This number is disturbing, particularly when compared to the combined total of approximately 10,500 for the same period in both 2019 and 2022.


Australian Government Ensuring Integrity in Education


The Australian government is not just resting on closing this loophole. They are also thinking of increasing the amount international students require to prove they possess to get a visa by 17%, increasing it to AUS $24,505. This change is a reflection of the increasing living expenses in Australia.

Furthermore, there’s an increasing concern about international students struggling with their daily expenses in Australia, particularly after the recent decision to limit the number of hours they can work. The Australian government believes that these modifications will make sure that students can support themselves without facing the risk of misuse.


Final Thoughts


The Decision made by the Government of Australia to ban concurrent enrolments and launch other strict rules aims to uphold the integrity of its education system. It’s a strong message to all. The misuse of policies for personal benefit will not be tolerated by the Australian Government.


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