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May 18, 2023

Aussie Visa Shake-Up: COVID Pass Axed, Student Work Hours Capped

Today we’ve got some significant news for temporary workers in Australia, particularly international students. So let’s dive straight in.



The Australian government is considering discontinuing the COVID-19 pandemic event visa, also known as the Subclass 408 or Temporary Activity visa. This could potentially affect thousands of temporary workers, including international students, necessitating alternative means to stay in the country.



Introduced to aid the recovery from the pandemic’s economic impact, the Subclass 408 visa granted applicants the right to work in Australia, provided they were employed or had a job offer in a vital sector.

However, with the government stating that the visa was initially designed to assist those stranded in Australia due to COVID-related border closures, individuals seeking this visa may soon need to apply for a different one.

In response to an inquiry about the Subclass 408 visa’s termination date, the Department of Home Affairs indicated that the government is currently evaluating the visa’s future relevance.

A migration expert has further clarified the situation, stating that the exact end date for the Subclass 408 visa remains uncertain. The expert warned that the discontinuation of this visa would impact many, including international students. These individuals will need to explore other visa options to remain in Australia, which will incur costs. She highlighted that, unlike other visas, the COVID-19 pandemic event visa was free to obtain.

The migration expert also mentioned another potential consequence for international students, who may now be required to restrict their working hours to 48 hours per fortnight. Stay tuned for more updates on this significant development.

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