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Plans to Improve Processing Time for Australia PR Process

Australia’s Plan To Improve Visa Processing Time

Today let’s find out how Australia intends to cut down processing time for visa applications.

Although it would remain a priority for all employers to identify key skills from overseas even after the New Year, another issue is the period for all skilled migrants to receive their relevant visas.

The government of Australia has looked forward to addressing and highlighting this issue during the recent job summit, with one of the outcomes being including an additional $36 million of funding to clear the previous visa backlog.

Reducing the period for granting new visas to skilled migrants is beneficial; however, this would have after-effects.

For instance, this change would result with offshore processing prioritising over onshore processing.

If any existing visa holder desires to shift from one job to another, they are required to transfer their visa to their new employers. But due to this change, their applications would be pushed back while new migrants will be given emphasis.

This situation has resulted in many individuals getting stuck to their old employers for a longer duration before receiving work rights to a new employer affecting both the business and the visa holder.

The promising job market during New Year will make most workers consider this an excellent opportunity to get a better role with improved pay and work conditions.

However, individuals on current work visas could be hindered from availing these prospects considering the ongoing situation.

Moving onto 2023, the demand for skilled migrants may continue to rise to manage the ongoing skills shortage.

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