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Age limit for Migrating to Australia Age Criteria to Get an Australian PR Visa

Age Limit for Australian Immigration

Do you want to know if there is an age limit for Australian immigration? Every migration program has a different age limit, and learning about such requirements can allow you to consider the best available options for Australian immigration.

About Australian Immigration Programs

Instead of jumping right to discussing the age limits for different immigration programs offered by Australia, you first need to learn other important information about them.

For starters, there’s the Skilled Migration Program that offers the following General Skilled Migration visas (GSM);

Similarly, the Employer Migration Program gives you the following list of options to choose from;

Age Limit For Australian Immigration Through General Skilled Migration Visas

The General Skilled Migration visas have an age limit of 45 years without any exceptions.

Suppose you submit your Expression of Interest (EOI) and are waiting to receive an invitation. Now if your birthday arrives and you turn 45, you will not be eligible for this program anymore. Consequently, SkillSelect will send an automated email to inform you about the cancellation of your EOI.

Age Limit For The Employer Migration Visas

Now the age limits for Employer Migration visas are quite circumstantial. For instance, the 482 Temporary Skills Shortage Sponsorship Visas have no age limits, but you cannot transition to a Permanent Employer Visa subclass 186 if you are 45 years old or more.

There are some situations in which applicants are offered age exceptions. For example, some doctors, researchers, professors, certain New Zealand citizens, specific academic workers, and scientists can apply for Employer Migration visas without worrying about the age limits. Plus, individuals living in Australia on a 3-year sponsorship 482 visa and earning the Fair Work High Income Threshold, which is AUD$ 160,000 per year, enjoy such exceptions.

Furthermore, the Regional Temporary Sponsorship Visa 494 has an age limit of 45 years. However, the exceptions mentioned earlier also apply to this visa subclass.

Regardless, you are advised against relying on such exceptions because they are very rare as far as the age limit for Australian immigration is concerned.

We hope you found this information helpful. Follow our blogs for the latest updates and informative content on Australian immigration.

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