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Canada Immigration Update 6 Game Changing Recommendations for Canada Visa Delays! CIC News 2023

6 New Recommendations To Tackle Canada’s Immigration Delay

A recent audit has revealed a huge backlog in the immigration system, resulting in Canada’s Immigration Delay. Check out this blog to see what Canada’s Immigration Minister plans to do to address this issue.



Following the recent audits, Canada’s Immigration Minister, Marc Miller,  is facing a challenge with the revelation of a massive backlog in the Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) processing systems. This revelation indicates a Canadian immigration delay, impacting many hopeful immigrants.

Backlog In The System

The audit revealed heavy backlogs across all permanent resident programs, even after the effort to elevate the processing time. Refugee programs applicants are the most affected and endure long waiting periods for the application process.

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Recommendations Proposed By The Audit

To manage the backlog and enhance the process, several recommendations were proposed by the audit:

  • Set realistic goals for how quickly applications should be processed.
  • Reduce the difference in wait times
  • Process old, backlogged applications first.
  • Distribute the workload evenly across all IRCC offices.
  • Identify and fix differences in processing times caused by automation tools.
  • Create online portals for refugee programs.

To sort the backlog and ensure a smoother immigration process, Canada’s Immigration Minister, along with the IRCC, is expected to follow these recommendations.

For more updates on this topic, keep an eye on Canada Immigration News.

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