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4 Important Australian Immigration Updates You Cant Afford to Miss August Week 2 Updates

4 Key Updates on Australian Immigration

Welcome back to another blog update. In today’s blog, we’ll be summarizing the latest updates in Australian immigration news as of 11 August, 2023.


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Update Number 1: TSMIT Raised to $70,000 for Temporary Skilled Visas


Did you know that Temporary Skilled Migration Income Threshold (TSMIT) surged to $70,000. The Australian government has increased the TSMIT from $53,900 to $70,000 from last month which is July 2023. This denotes that skilled workers who make at least $70,000 annually are presently entitled to apply for a temporary skilled visa in Australia. We have already published a detailed video on this, so don’t forget to check the video.


Update Number 2: TRT Pathway Continues for TSS Visa Holders Seeking Permanent Residency


Temporary Residents Transition also known as TRT pathway was extended for TSS visa holders. The TRT pathway, which permits TSS visa holders to apply for permanent residence, has been prolonged until the end of 2023. This denotes that applicants with a TSS visa who have been in Australia for a minimum of 24 months and fulfil other entitlement obligations will still be allowed to apply for Australian permanent residence even if they do not have an occupation on the Skilled Occupations List (SOL).


Update Number 3: Direct Pathway to Australian Citizenship Now Open for New Zealand Residents


Good news for New Zealand citizens as they can now apply for Australian citizenship directly. Please keep in mind that New Zealand citizens who have been residing in Australia for a minimum of four years are now entitled to apply for Australian citizenship directly. This denotes that they are no longer required to make an application for an Australian permanent residency visa before applying for Australian citizenship.


Update Number 4: Farewell to COVID-19 Work Visa as Australia’s Temporary Worker Regulations Changes


Australia will end the COVID-19 work visa. The Government of Australia has clarified that it will end the COVID-19 work visa, which was launched in the year 2020 to permit temporary workers to reside in Australia during the Covid 19 pandemic. Please note that this visa scheme will end on 31 December, 2023.


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