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108,000 Jobs Added To Canadian Economy In October

In today’s blog, we will be talking about Canada’s job hikes in the month of October.

Canada has seen an upsurge in jobs as 108,000 workers were hired in October according to Statistics Canada’s data.

The statistical and demographic services agency in its newest Labour Force Survey stated that employment has seen a rise in various industries including manufacturing, construction, accommodation and food services.

However, jobs in the sectors of retail and wholesale and in natural resources industries were reduced in Canada.

The Labour Force Survey showed that immigrants were among those who are getting the most profit from the hike in jobs.

According to Statistics Canada’s data, the rate of employment of immigrants who are 15 or older was at its peak for October as corresponding data became available in the 2006 labour force survey.

The rate of employment of those immigrants accepted into Canada in the previous five years, was 70.7 percent in October, 5.6 percentage points greater than before the pandemic in October 2019. More immigrants are getting jobs across the country now than in the time prior to the pandemics’ first strike on Canada.

Canada’s labour market is so huge that despite the total labour force of the country expanding by 110,000 workers, the unemployment rate stayed at 5.2 percent in October.

The expansion in jobs in Canada in the month of October all came from the private sector.

Workers aged 26 to 57 led job landings in October with hirings boosting among both males and females. Workers aged 68 to 76 and Gen Z workers didn’t see any change in the number of their jobs.

Six provinces demonstrated job expansion in October including Prince Edward Island, Ontario, Newfoundland and Labrador, Quebec, Saskatchewan and Manitoba. Most of the hikes were in Central Canada.

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