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Will The New Student Housing Policies Hit Canada Future of Education

Will The New Student Housing Policies Hit Canada’s Future of Education?

The recent changes in policies for international students declared by Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) have turned on a remarkable discussion regarding the future of education in Canada. While targeting a sustainable and high-quality experience for international students, these changes also interrogate accessibility, diversity, and Canada’s reputation as a leading educational destination. In order to comprehend the short- and long-term effects of these policies on student housing, it is imperative to consider the viewpoint of student housing providers.


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The Cap on Study Permits

The capping and reduction in the number of study permits issued is a remarkable shift in Canada’s approach to international education. From a housing provider’s viewpoint, the cap presents a mixed bag. Because of the persistent housing shortage and elevating demand, this move will relieve the ongoing pressure on the housing market.

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The private sector has been responsibly creating new house inventory since the early 90s; however, development couldn’t cope with rising demand, specifically for social and economic housing. International students now comprise a notable proportion of student bodies at most post-secondary institutions in Canada. They financially strengthen the educational system and are a vital source of the skilled labor required to tackle the limitations associated with the drained housing system.

Raising Financial Requirements

Raising the financial threshold for study permit applicants translates to increased financial security for international students. It also assures financial stability among potential student tenants, resulting in a positive development for the student housing industry. However, it would limit the pool of international students due to non-affordability, leading to a potential decrease in total demand for international student accommodation. Canada should also attract competent and talented students without having a wealthy background, rather than focusing on only the wealthiest ones globally.

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The Role of Student Housing Providers

Off-campus student housing providers with adequate expertise and resources to operate at scale have a significant role to play. The potential to quickly source new housing inventory and deploy technological solutions that complement and upgrade institutional offerings is a must.

Offering affordable, accessible, and quality student housing options is the key. It involves collaborating with educational institutions and interpreting their capacities and constraints in light of the new policies.

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Looking Ahead: A call for collaboration

The new IRCC policies highlight the need for greater collaboration between educational institutions, housing providers, and the government. By working together, we must ensure that accessibility to quality education and housing are our top priorities in bringing auspicious changes to the student’s experience in Canada.


The shortage of houses in Canada is complex due to multiple factors. International students comprise just one portion of Canada’s growing population. The public shows low support for international students, which could be one reason why IRCC links them to housing. IRCC hopes the cap system will distribute international students more smoothly across the country.

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