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Australia's 4 year Work Visa after getting a Degree ~ Graduate Work Visa

Which Courses Allow For A Graduate Work Visa?

It is common for students to question if their course could lead them to a graduate work visa (Subclass 485) also referred to as TR.

Graduate Work Visa allows an applicant to stay for two to six years after their studies. To apply for permanent residence, many of these applicants will utilize this time to gain more work experience. But if you wish to obtain this study visa, you must study a relevant course.

You must have studied for 92 CRICOS weeks, or nearly 2 years, to be eligible for any of the streams.

There are 2 different streams:

Post Study Work Stream

Graduate Stream

It is important, however, to note that if you studied a Bachelor’s, Master or PhD then generally you would be eligible for a Post work stream. Nevertheless, if you take some courses at the vocational level, you will be eligible for the Graduate Stream.


To qualify for the graduate stream, you will need to:

Choose any occupation from the MLTSSL

  • Occupations on the MLTSSL that DO NOT require a Bachelor qualification must include trade occupations, telecommunications, and civil or electrical drafting
  • Must hold a diploma, trade qualification, or a degree closely related to the job

Closely Related:

The area of study you pursue must relate directly to the job you wish to do. As a case in point, when selecting the occupation of Carpenter, you must have undertaken the study of a related course, Cert III. The other related courses may be Certificates or Diploma’s in Building and Construction. Therefore, in choosing Carpentry, if your qualifications were a Diploma and Adv Diploma of Management, they could be deemed not highly relevant.

  • You should be able to pass an initial skill test by an approved assessing authority, showing you are skilled enough for your nominated occupation.

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Skill Assessment – Provisional:

You will need to pass a skill assessment (or provisional skill assessment). For instance, if you undertake a Cert IV in Commercial Cookery then you will become eligible for a provisional skill assessment as a chef.

On the other hand, if you study for an Engineering Diploma, you may not pass a skill assessment to become an Engineer. However, you will be exempted from all of these requirements if you have studied before in your native land and would pass a skill test based on this study.

For instance, you may have previously undertaken a bachelor of civil engineering back in your country. With this, you can probably pass a skill test. That would enable you to look at a related diploma, the Diploma of Project Management, as a prerequisite for the study requirement.

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