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What to expect from Australia Immigration 2023 | Australia PR Process 2023

Should You Anticipate Any Significant Changes To The Australian Immigration Program?

In today’s blog, we will be sharing the recent statement made by Australian Home Affairs Minister Clare O’Neil on the Skill Migration List.

Australian Home Affairs Minister Clare O’Neil recently announced that the government is taking serious action on allegations against specific people over the exploitation of the visa system.

She further elaborated that there is a need to have a broader look at how the immigration system is exploited by criminals.

She also mentioned that the department is working with the government to craft a policy that can be undertaken to process the work through.

The authorities need to talk about the issues openly to make Australia a high-skill and high-wage economy. They also need to look at immigration reforms from the perspective of transforming the country’s needs.

The minister also stated that the current list for skilled migration is not based on the skill shortage.

Do you think this will lead to any significant change in Australian Skilled Immigration?

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