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Australia Immigration Plans announced by for 2022 23 Australian Skilled Migration 2023

Australia Immigration Plans announced by for 2022-23

Australia Expected To Receive 195000 New Immigrants during 2022-23

Today’s blog is going to be about the immigration plans of the Australian Government for 2022-23.

The Australian Government has revealed the immigration plans for the 2022-23 period during the Federal Budget. In this period, 195000 new immigrants will enter Australia as permanent residents. Parent visas will also be hiked up to 8500 in contrast to the 4500 parent visas in 2021-22. The work restrictions for international students will be temporarily relaxed until 30 June 2023, allowing students to work additional hours. Partner and children visas will have no limitations. Additional funding was also assigned from the Budget to speed up visa processing, end the visa backlog and increase opportunities for high-skilled migrants.

Australian Skilled Migration

Out of the 195000 new migrants that will be admitted to Australia during 2022-23, over 90 percent will be skilled migrants. The government will spend an additional amount of $42.2 million for resolving the country’s skill shortages, by speeding up visa processing, lowering visa backlog, and raising awareness about high-skilled migration programs. The government has also decided to provide $576 million to support refugees and maintain offshore processing centers.

Australia has also increased the number of visas allocated for territories and states, particularly the skilled work regional visas (subclass 491) and skilled nominated visas (subclass 190) for the skilled migration program of 2022-23. The allocations for visas in the skilled nominated subclass have doubled with over 30000 places contrary to the previous year.

This is the Right Time for Migration

The data discussed earlier show that this time provides a great opportunity for temporary visa holders living in Australia, and offshore candidates to get nominated for Australian states.

Additionally, the state of Victoria will no longer apply the obligation that the candidates applying for permanent residence through skilled migration need to work in their nominated occupation. The eligibility to register interest has also been eased with this move. But this is an allocation at the interval, more chances are expected to follow. As the Government of Australia is working hard to resolve the labour shortage crisis, the lifting of the yearly cap on migration is also being considered.

To address the labour shortages, Australia is making efforts by increasing the number of immigrations and by providing a pathway to PR to temporary visa holders.

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