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Australia Immigration News and Latest Visa Updates  November 2022  Australia Visa News 2023

Australia Immigration News and Latest Visa Updates (November 2022)

Monthly Roundup of Australian Immigration

The Government of Australia has recently published a Ministerial Direction for prioritizing applications for skilled visas. The government also notified the streamlined requirements for applicants of temporary visas in Australia.

1. Priorities for Skilled Visa Processing

On 28 October 2022, a new Ministerial Direction for prioritizing applications for skilled visas came to application.

Following this Direction, the Government of Australia will prioritize applications for skilled visas for the sectors of education and health, provisional and offshore permanent applications. It will be implemented in all applications and nominations of skilled visas that have to be decided and new applications registered.

The objective is to improve processing times for skilled visas and empty visa backlogs. Visa applicants can benefit from shorter processing times. It will also help small businesses in fulfilling labour shortages that have to be filled quickly.

The priority to Accredited Sponsors can be restored through this Direction. It also cues the finish of the critical sectors and the Priority Migration Skilled Occupation List (PMSOL).

The Australian Government has said in a statement that PMSOL was outdated and no longer demonstrated the shortages in the critical workforce that are seen throughout Australia. The government also said that they have assigned additional staff and funding to reduce the processing time which will result in the efficient processing of applications with occupations that were in critical sectors or on the Priority Migration Skilled Occupation List (PMSOL).

2. Application Requirement Streamlined for Temporary Visa Applicants

The Government of Australia stated that it is streamlining the application requirements for applicants for temporary visas in Australia.

From now on, only some of the eligible visa applicants must undertake applicable medical examinations and chest x-rays.

This will include the following visa applicants:

  • Those who will go to a hospital, aged or disability care facility (if there is a higher risk of TB)
  • Those who have applied for medical temporary protection, provisional visa, or medical treatment,
  • Those who want to study to be or work as a doctor, nurse, dentist, or paramedic,
  • Those who expect to experience medical costs or need medical treatment,
  • Those who are aged over 75 years (if applying for a visitor visa),
  • Individuals who have had previous household contact with tuberculosis,
  • are requested to do so by the Department of Home Affairs
  • Applicants who are pregnant and want to have a baby in Australia,
  • Applicants who will work or train at an Australian childcare centre,

Other temporary visa Applicants in Australia do not need to undergo medical examinations and chest x-rays to meet the health requirements.

These arrangements apply to the following visas:

  • 401 Temporary Work (Long Stay Activity)
  • 403 Temporary Work (International Relations)
  • 405 Investor Retirement
  • 407 Training
  • 408 Temporary Activity
  • 410 Retirement
  • 417 and 462 Working Holiday
  • 461 New Zealand Citizen Family Relationship (Temporary)
  • 476 Skilled – Recognised Graduate
  • 482 Temporary Skill Shortage
  • 485 Temporary Graduate
  • 500 Students
  • 590 Student Guardian
  • 600 Visitor
  • 870 Sponsored Parent (Temporary)
  • 995 Diplomatic (Temporary)

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