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Apply Now For UK Work Visas Before Minimum Salary Jump On April 4

Apply Now For UK Work Visas Before Minimum Salary Jump On April 4

The substantial rise in the going rate of occupation-based salary thresholds and the general salary threshold of £38,700 will critically impact most future applicants. Those would-be applicants who would qualify now cannot acquire a Skilled Worker Visa from April 4, 2024. So, employers are recommended to review prospective candidates now to prevent future regrets.

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These hefty increments in salary thresholds depict the government’s approach to reducing net migration. The publication of new immigration rules, expected on March 14, 2024, will confirm the full extent of salary changes to work routes, including the extent of transitional arrangements.

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Furthermore, employees will be unable to apply for extensions under the Skilled Worker category or shift into it from other categories after April 3, 2024. Additionally, we recommend that employers prioritize reviewing the immigration positions of their current employees and the new ones in the recruitment process.

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Care Workers

The health and care workers are excluded from the total £38,700 general threshold accredited by exemptions for workers under the Health and Care visa. However, this occupation is foreseen to be added to the new Immigration Salary List.

Additionally, health and care workers will not be allowed to bring dependents regardless of their first sponsored work application submission on or after March 11, 2024. We suggest workers living with families apply before this becomes effective.

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Individuals Eligible For The Partner Route

From April 11, 2024, when the minimum income requirement is raised from £18,600 to £29,000, the eligibility for the partner route may cease for some workers with restricted immigration permission. Moreover, an additional increment of £34,000 is planned for later in 2024, and another raise to £38,700 in early 2025. Under the Skilled Worker category, these employees are expected to be equally ineligible for sponsorship.

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