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What Are The Reasons For A UK Re-Entry Ban?

Re-entry bans are highly significant. Plus, they occur pretty often than the expectations of employers and HR teams. The Immigration Rules (part 9 Grounds for Refusal) comes with a power to permit the Home Office to decline an application for entry clearance or permission to enter if the applicant is found to have breached the UK immigration laws in the past. This is what’s called the re-entry ban policy.



A person could become a victim of the re-entry ban if they failed to abide by the UK’s immigration laws previously. Moreover, the ban is imposed when the applicant is indulged in the following cases;

  • Overstaying
  • Breaching a condition included in their leave
  • Entering and living in the UK as an illegal migrant
  • Falsifying application for entry clearance or leave to enter or remain



We’ll be uploading a detailed blog on the current timescales for re-entry bans and the duration of the ban very soon. So, keep following us to catch our upcoming blog on time.

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One thought on “What Are The Reasons For A UK Re-Entry Ban?


I have re-entry ban for 1 year for asylum seeking return to my country because of traffickers in UK attempt burn me alive with heating

But i would like to return to UK 2024

What will happen in the border when I arrive 2024 apply same asylum application,with refer to ethnic cleansing genocide killing in my country as well UK

How will I treated 2024 when I apply protection under 1951

Please help me understand my situation UK getting bizarre


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