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USCIS Announces Introduction to Mandatory New Form 9 US Immigration News 30th September 2023

USCIS Announces Introduction to Mandatory New Form I-9

In today’s blog update, we will talk about the New Form I-9. Starting 1 November, 2023, employers in the United States are obligated to use the newly released version of Form I-9 for employment entitlement authentication. This new form, published by the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) on 1 August, 2023, brings many modifications aimed at simplifying the verification process.


Key Changes to Note

The new Form I-9 has been reformed to be more user-friendly, particularly for digital users. It combines Sections 1 and 2 into a single-sided sheet, making it easier to fill out on tablets and mobile devices.

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What Employers Should Do

Employers are recommended to familiarize themselves with the new Form I-9 as soon as possible. The form’s instructions have been lessened from 15 to eight pages, making it easier to understand. Employers who use on boarding software should contact their sources to make sure the new form will be combined and used form 1 November, 2023.


Obedience to the new Form I-9 is compulsory for all employers starting 1 November, 2023. Early adaptation and groundwork are important to make sure a smooth transition to using the new form for employment eligibility verification processes.

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