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US Visa Bulletin For October 2023

Today, in this blog, we will bring you the October 2023 Visa Bulletin which focuses on important shifts in employment-based visa categories.

Big Changes in Employment-Based Visa Routes

October 2023 is expected to show substantial alterations in US immigration. This mainly emphasizes employment-based visa routes. A new approach has been adopted by US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) and the Department of State, which will take steps to maintain visa dates within quarterly limits.

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Slow Movement in Visa Availability

According to the recent updates, the visa availability sees a slow continuation and is expected to extend till fiscal year 2024.

This slow movement is the reason for pending employment-based preference cases and creating a backlog.

Impact on Final Action Dates

Although slight forward movements are anticipated in final action dates, it will be limited. According to the October bulletin, there will be potential backlogs throughout the year.

The backlog will mainly be faced by the EB2 and F3 India categories.


Factors Influencing Visa Availability

There are a few elements that impact these visa availability changes, including:

  • The rising number of EB1 India applicants And
  • The increasing number of EB2 applicants transitioning to EB1.

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