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US Visa Bulletin October 2023 Latest USCIS Critical Updates on Employment and Family Visa Paths

Understanding the US Visa Bulletin: October 2023 Insights

The October 2023 US Visa Bulletin has been declared, which can bring you more clarity. In this blog, we will break down all the main points of this bulletin.

US Visa Bulletin: The Big Picture

The rumors about all the dates for particular family and employment categories have been cleared up after the announcement by the Department of State’s October 2023 Visa Bulletin. The current status and future expectations have been made clear from the bulletin.

President Biden’s Optimism On Immigration

President Biden has emphasized the prospect of major positive changes, showing his optimism about immigration progress. He says vast opportunities can be anticipated as the US is at an inflection point.

October 2023 Visa Bulletin: Key Takeaways

According to the US Visa Bulletin for October 2023, there is no confirmation that applicants can continue using the dates for filing charts. This will tell whether the adjustment applications that are based on the final action dates chart or the filing date chart will be accepted by USCIS.

File Applications For The Family-Based Category

The date to file applications for the family-based category is when you are submitting I-485 or MVC applications to USCIS or DOS. The priority date should be before this date. Except for F2A, USCIS was permitting the date of filing charts for family-based categories. However, For October 2023’s final action dates changes have been seen.

Current Date Expectations

The expectation was about most or all dates becoming the current one for some employment categories, but the US Visa Bulletin of October 2023 has proved it wrong. For instance, In October 2023, EB1 will not be current for every nation.

If you are facing challenges with the immigration system, the US Visa Bulletin can work as a great guide. Even though it may not have provided the news you were expecting, it does offer clarity and help you determine the next step.

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