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February 19, 2023

US Plans To End All COVID-19 Emergency Restrictions In May

On 30 January, the administration of President Joe Biden announced the complete removal of all COVID-19 emergency restrictions on 11 May. This is happening almost three years after the US imposed pandemic restrictions to control the spread of the coronavirus.

In 2020, President Donald Trump was the one who declared a COVID-19 national emergency and public health emergency or PHE. Consequently, President Biden carried on with these measures, providing free coronavirus tests, vaccines, and treatments to millions of Americans.

It is safe to say that ensuring all coronavirus emergency measures stay in place has been one of the core actions of the administration of President Joe Biden. But now the White House has come forward with a policy statement to respond to the bills introduced by Republicans in the House of Representatives to lift the COVID-19 restrictions.

What’s important to note here is that the newly issued policy will also put an end to Title 42, which is a border policy that empowers officials to grant or deny entry to individuals at the time of an emergency. As per a written statement of an administration official, this policy will also expire when the government lifts all pandemic restrictions on 11 May.

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