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Blinken announces new migration measure after Title 42 lifts DHS USCIS 2023 Updates

US Immigration Officials Announce Plans To Strengthen Border Security After Title 42 Ends

New measures were announced by the Biden administration to deal with the flow of migrants at the US-Mexico border since Title 42, which is a pandemic-era policy, is about to end.



Administration officials have been reported as saying that immigration processing centers will be opened in Latin America to make it easier for migrants to access legal pathways to migrate to the US, such as the refugee admissions resettlement program, family reunification, prescreening for various programs, or current labour pathways.



Moreover, a senior administration official stated that the criteria for refugee resettlement would not change, and the new measures would help identify eligible individuals effectively. The authorities will continue to prioritize integration efforts and regularization.

Interestingly, US consular officers at the new migration processing centers will be responsible for helping applicants figure out any legal pathways for US immigration they can use to travel to the United States successfully.

It should be noted that the first few centers will open in Guatemala and Colombia. As far as others are concerned, their locations will be disclosed in the future.

The primary goal of all these efforts is to reduce migration to the southern border after Title 42 is lifted on 11 May. For those who don’t know, US immigration officials relied heavily on the public health policy to expel migrants to their home country or Mexican border towns without giving them asylum. Title 42 became effective in March 2020, resulting in the expulsion of over 2.7 million migrants.

Don’t forget US immigration officials have confirmed that migrants who cross the US-Mexico border illegally into the United States after 11 May will be processed according to the Title 8 immigration authority.

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