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A Weekly Roundup Of US Immigration Stories You Can’t Miss

This blog discusses the top US immigration stories you must know about.




USCIS Opens Its First Virtual Service Center

A virtual service center for processing requests for humanitarian immigration relief, along with visas for victims of crimes and domestic violence, has been opened by USCIS to deal with growing backlogs and prolonged processing times.



What’s interesting is that the newly opened center is the sixth service center by USCIS. Plus, it’s the first service center that is completely virtual. The Agency’s director, Ur Jaddou, regarded the opening of this center as an important milestone during a recent interview.

Immigrants Can Now Mention Their Self-Identified Gender On Application Forms

From now on, immigrant visa applicants can specify their gender identity according to their preferences, even if it is different from the gender mentioned in their supporting documents.

This update was recently announced by USCIS, which states that immigrants are not required to provide proof of their gender identity while requesting to make adjustments to their gender marker. However, this is not applicable to people submitting Form N-565, often filed to apply for a replacement citizenship document or naturalization certificate.

USCIS Has Lifted The 60-Day Requirement For Submitting Medical Exam Form

USCIS has eliminated the 60-day rule requirement to submit immigration medical exam results forms signed by certified physicians. As a result, green card applicants submitting applications after 31 March will now have two years to submit Form I-693 after a civil surgeon signs it. According to the previous requirement, green card applicants only had 60 days to submit signed Form I-693 after filing their applications. Otherwise, their applications could be refused or rejected.

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