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Upcoming Immigration Changes Cause Processing Delays

Upcoming Immigration Changes Cause Processing Delays

The Home Office is striving to cope with the escalating demand for immigration application-related services, overseeing the rise in the Immigration Health Surcharge and upcoming changes to the Skilled Worker and Partner routes.


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What Services Are Currently Affected?

Application processing for all immigration applications may be delayed due to a remarkably increased number of applications being under consideration than usual.

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For the Skilled Worker route, essential services for making an immigration application are affected, which may take up to 18 weeks to process. These services include:

  • Sponsor license applications
  • Applications for defined Certificates of Sponsorship for Skilled Workers applying for entry clearance from outside the UK
  • A significant inability to secure availability of the Worker and Temporary Worker priority change of circumstance service, especially for:
    • Requests for additional or annual undefined Certificate of Sponsorship allocations for Skilled Workers applying for permission to stay in the UK
    • Requests to make changes to the key personnel on a sponsor license
  • Standard sponsor change of circumstances services (this could take a processing time up to 18 weeks)


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For those planning to apply in-country under the Skilled Worker route before their current immigration permission expires, a delay in the availability of a Certificate of Sponsorship is a serious matter. In such cases, individuals’ options should be evaluated individually.

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