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New Milestone in Labour Mobility Launch of the PALM Scheme Family Pilot min

New Milestone in Labor Mobility: Launch of the PALM Scheme Family Pilot

This week brings some good news for PALM scheme workers! The Pacific Australia Labor Mobility (PALM) scheme went through considerable development as the Albanese government introduced a family-accompanied pilot. This revolutionary initiative will enable 200 PALM scheme workers, starting from Kiribati and Timor-Leste, to have an ideal opportunity to bring their families to Australia.


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The government has taken this proactive initiative to support the workers residing in Australia for prolonged periods away from their families in the Pacific and Timor-Leste. Besides reuniting families, this initiative reinforces the bonds between Australia and the Pacific regions.

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Read more here: PALM Scheme Workers Can Apply To Bring Family To Australia

The pilot program highlights the significant role of PALM scheme workers in the national economy by acknowledging their vital contributions across various sectors and communities in Australia.

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The Albanese government is vigorously extending and escalating the PALM scheme to fulfil its election commitment. There has been an ample increase in PALM workers since this government was elected in 2022.

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The PALM scheme is mutually beneficial, as it tackles the labor shortage challenges for the regional employers of Australia while offering skill development opportunities and financial benefits via remittances to the Pacific.


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The initial phase of this program started on January 26 and will last till February 23, 2024, with another round expected later this year.

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