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UK Immigration Update Transition to eVisas by 2025

UK Immigration Update: Transition to eVisas by 2025

The UK government is moving towards a contactless border with a digital immigration system, aiming for all visa holders to have an eVisa by 2025.

The Home Office has announced that Biometric Residence Permits (BRPs) will be phased out starting January 1, 2025. eVisas will replace BRPs as proof of immigration status and the conditions of stay.

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Currently, BRPs are being issued with end dates of December 31, 2024, even if the visa holder’s permission extends beyond that date. Some visa holders already have eVisas if they possess a UKVI account or have pre-settled or settled status under the EU Settlement Scheme.

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The transition will involve phased invitations for BRP holders to create a UKVI digital account. Those with BRPs expiring on December 31, 2024, will receive instructions on setting up their UKVI account and accessing their eVisa. There is no cost for creating a UKVI account.

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eVisas will be linked to the holder’s passport, allowing easy identification at the UK border. While the transition is in progress, it is advisable for travelers to carry their physical documents. Further updates and guidance will be provided throughout 2024 on the UKVI guidance page.

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