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UK Home Office Streamlines Sponsor Management System Update Process

UK Home Office Updates Sponsor Licenses

The Home Office emailed the holders of sponsor licenses to inform them of the changes they are introducing within the sponsor management system. These amendments are expected to reduce processing times.


Renewal Of Annual Sponsorship Certificates

Allocations for annual sponsorship certificates will be automatically renewed according to the number of allocations from the previous year. Needless to say, this saves everyone from having to request and defend a new allocation every year. Moreover, sponsors are still allowed to demand a raise if more certificates of sponsorship (CoS) are needed in the future.



It should be noted that sponsor license holders whose allocations are starting on 24 June 2023 or will expire over three months after the update from the Home Office is eligible for automatic allocation renewal. However, individuals whose allocations will expire soon can submit the customary renewal request.

If Any Sponsor Requests Will Be Prioritised?

Sponsor requests will be immediately fulfilled instead of following a wait time of 18 weeks in the following cases;

  • The Authorising Office and Key Contact are being swapped. Don’t forget to provide notarized submittal forms.
  • There’s been an addition of a Level 1 user.
  • The organization’s information is being modified.

The Eligibility Criteria You Must Satisfy

You must fulfill the following criteria to avoid unwanted circumstances;

You have a completely functional permit.

Most importantly, the sponsor will be rated ‘A’ if the postcode of the Key Contact, Authorising Office, or the address of the Level 1 user is the same as the postcode of the primary organization, the address of the head office, the postcode of a legal representative, or both for Level 1 users and Key contacts.

What’s important to note here is all of these changes are aimed at reducing the needless red tape in the system.



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