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Top 7 Cheapest Universities in the UK for International Students

Top 7 Cheapest Universities in the UK for International Students

The United Kingdom offers plenty of exciting and life-changing opportunities for international students. However, on the other hand, the cost of studying in the UK could be quite expensive. But hope’s not lost for international students, as there are universities where you can expect quality education without any stress on your funds. In this blog, we bring you the top, most affordable UK universities for international students.


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Cheapest UK Universities & Fees for International Students

1.    University of Bolton

Undergraduate courses

UK & EU students: ~ £9,250 per year

International students September 2024: starts at ~ £15,950 (excluding specific courses).

2.    Writtle University College

Writtle University College offers a personalized learning experience and is well-known for its design and land-based courses. Furthermore, since it’s located in Essex, students can travel easily to London.

Current fees: ~ £12,450 per year

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3.    University of Chester

UK and EU students:

Undergraduate degree: ~ £9,250 per year

Postgraduate taught degree: ~ £13,575

International students:

Undergraduate courses in 2024/25: ~ £13,450

Postgraduate taught degree: ~ £13,575

4.    Teesside University

Teesside University is known for its strong industry connections and it also delivers a supportive environment along with practical courses.

Undergraduate tuition fees for international students: ~ £15,000 per year

Postgraduate tuition fees: May vary by program, e.g., ~ £14,250 for a Postgraduate Diploma (PgDip) and £15,000 for a one-year master’s degree (MSc/MA).

Estimated fees: £15,000 per year

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5.    University of Bedfordshire

International students’ fees for 2024/25 entry:

Bachelor’s degree: ~ £12,350 per year

Master’s degree: ~ £12,750

6.    University of the Highlands and Islands

This university is a desirable option due to its affordable tuition and gorgeous surroundings. Additionally, language programs are offered to enhance academic and English proficiency.

Current fees: ~ £12,360 per year

7.    Glasgow Caledonian University

International tuition fees are reasonably priced in Glasgow, a city renowned for its friendliness and affordability. Moreover, there are scholarships available to make education accessible to all students.

Current fees: £12,250 per year


Keep in mind that these costs are estimates that could vary. To ensure you have the most recent information, make sure you visit the official university websites. As you plan your studies abroad, do not forget to factor in additional costs like living expenses and housing.

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