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US Visa Saga 21000 Migrants Discovered in Overstay Limbo 1

Thousands Found Overstaying in The US Illegally

A report published by the US Department of Homeland Security confirmed that more than 21,000 Indians were found overstaying in the US after their visa expired in 2017. This makes up for nearly 1.9% of the total sum of individuals who overstayed in the US beyond the time permitted by their visa.



In addition to this, the report indicated over 7.6 lakh individuals from different countries overstayed their visas in the US, with 1.5 lakh people belonging to Mexico. This report is annually published by the US government, and it helps track student, temporary, and work visa holders who overstayed their welcome.




Why Did So Many People Overstay Their Visas?

The primary reason for overstaying visas is to avoid returning home and continue employment illegally. Other reasons include medical treatment, family emergencies, or natural disasters back home. Plus, some people are unaware of the outcomes of overstaying their visas, and they may lack the financial resources to exit the US.

What Happens If You Overstay Your Visa?

Overstaying a US visa is a direct violation of US immigration laws, which can lead to severe consequences. For instance, those who overstay their visas for over 180 days and less than a year could be banned from coming back to the US for three years. Similarly, a person who overstays their visa for over a year is banned from returning for ten years. Needless to say, overstaying a US visa can affect a person’s immigration status and prospects of obtaining another US visa or green card.

What Can Be Done To Prevent People From Overstaying?

A lot can be done to stop people from overstaying their visas. Informing them of the severe consequence they could face by not abiding by the terms and conditions of their visas is a helpful measure. The authorities may also implement stricter visa policies. Furthermore, the US government could try embedding technological advancements to track people who overstay their visas. The use of technology can also lead to better coordination with other nations to share details and stop people from overstaying their visas.

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