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This Week’s Top US ImmigrAation Stories

In this blog, we’ll highlight this week’s top US immigration stories.




Latest Polls Show Voters’ Disapproval Of President Biden

According to a new poll, 58% of voters in swing states are unhappy with the way President Biden is tackling immigration issues. On the other hand, 32% of respondents approve of his methods.



Moreover, the poll confirmed 52% of voters in seven battleground states think Biden is deliberately ignoring the issues concerning the Southern border. Plus, 50% of voters believe the President is avoiding the inconvenience of undocumented migrants.

Republicans Released A New Immigration Bill

A new immigration bill for strengthening restrictions on asylum seekers was recently introduced by House Republicans. The bill also expands family detention and increases penalties for visa holders who overstay their welcome.

Interestingly, the 137-page proposal includes various immigration restrictions imposed during Trump’s era. As a result, many believe that the bill wouldn’t pass in a Democratic-controlled Senate.

Congress Interrogated A Top Official About Migrant Child Labour

A top official was recently questioned by Congress during a governmental investigation on the matters of migrant child labour. Robin Dunn Marcos is the director of a program responsible for ensuring migrant children are placed in safe homes. However, the director thinks there are not enough resources for the program to track migrant children effectively.

Dont forget the hearing commenced once a New York Times investigation confirmed that thousands of migrant children are employed in several big and small companies all over the US.

Officials Warn Travelers Going To Florida

LGBTQ individuals and supporters have been warned of the risks of visiting Florida by two advocacy groups because of the state’s hateful laws for LGBTQ groups.

The Florida Immigration Coalition urged travellers to be careful while travelling to Florida since it is deemed unsafe to people of colour, immigrants, and those who speak with an accent.

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