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The Home Office Announces New UK Immigration Rules 2023

The Home Office published a new statement of changes with detailed updates to the UK Immigration Rules on 9 March 2023.

Let’s talk about the most significant changes;

Innovator Founder Route:

A new Innovator Founder visa will become effective on 13 April 2023, which will replace the current Innovator and Start-up routes. One of the main differences between the current routes and the new visa is that applicants don’t need to have £50,000 of investment funds to fulfill the eligibility criteria.

Salary Thresholds:

Going rates and salary thresholds for several working visas have increased. For example, the hourly rate for the Skilled Worker visa is £10.75, and the minimum annual salary is £26,200. Similarly, the minimum annual salary for Scale-up workers is now £34,600. You may click here to view the statement of changes for more details.

Work Absences:

Participating in jury service or attending court are now acceptable work absences for the 12-month employment requirement for the Senior and Specialist Worker visa in the Global Business Mobility route.

Australian Businesses:

Individuals opening a franchise of an Australian business in the UK through the UK Expansion Worker route no longer need to fulfill the 12-month continuous employment requirement.

Youth Mobility Scheme:

Applicants for the Youth Mobility visa belonging to New Zealand can remain in the UK for 3 years instead of 2. Plus, the age requirement is now 18 to 30 years instead of 18 to 35 years for New Zealand nationals.

Endorsing Entities For The Global Talent Visa:

The requirements for the majority of the endorsing entities have now been updated. It includes the Arts Council England, the Royal Academy of Engineering and Royal Society (the National Academies), and the British Academy.

ILR Long Residency:

It seems that the definition of continuous lawful residence will be updated. The time spent on a short-term or visitor visa or immigration bail will no longer count as part of the 10-year qualifying lawful residence period. Applicants may be eligible to go for long residency after spending time on bail or short-term visas. However, they will have to wait longer to complete their 10-year lawful residence period.

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