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The Big Lie to International Students A Closer Look at Australias 485 Visa Changes

The Big Lie to International Students: A Closer Look at Australia’s 485 Visa Changes

The Department of Home Affairs (DOHA) has recently disclosed its measures affecting the 485 Graduate Skilled visa. This announcement has agitated the Australian international student community. According to mainstream media, it underscores an essential effort to limit access to the 485 visas for international students who are over 35 years old. This decision has ignited concern and resentment among students who have already commenced their education in Australia without any offer for interim arrangements for those halfway through their courses.


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The controversy raises concerns regarding Australia’s integrity and commitment to international students while unveiling its biggest lies to international students.

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This incident reveals the previous pledges of the Australian government that stated international students were vital to the nation’s revival after the pandemic. The former Liberal government, under Immigration Minister Alex Hawk, had highlighted the significance of immigration and international students in strengthening Australia’s economy. However, the current change in policy denies these statements, raising numerous questions about the future of international students in Australia.

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