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Benefits of a Canadian Passport Why Canadian Nationality is the best! Canada Immigration News

The Benefits of a Canadian Passport

In today’s blog update, we will talk about the benefits of a Canadian Passport and why you should have it.

In this blog we will discuss the following:

  • Global Recognition of Canadian Passport
  • Travel and Citizenship Advantages of Canadian Passport
  • Canadian Citizenship Prerequisites
  • Canada Passport Processing Times
  • Additional Perks of Canadian Passport


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Global Recognition

The Canadian passport ranks 7th in the world after Henley & Partners, just behind the passports of the USA, Poland, Greece, and Czechia. This passport is used for visa-free travel to more than 183 countries including famous places such as the US, UK, Schengen Area, Australia, New Zealand, South Korea, Singapore, Japan, Brazil, as well as the UAE.

Travel and Citizenship Advantages

In Canada, a passport to a Canadian provides the individual with unlimited entrance and departure from Canada without having to obtain any permits or visas. Additionally, it is unique to Canadian citizens and allows for dual citizenship with multiple passports depending on whether the home nation permits it​.

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Citizenship Prerequisites

Canadian nationality is a prerequisite for getting a passport. To qualify for this, one should reside permanently in Canada, have complied with the physical presence requirements, filed his tax returns, have passed the citizenship test, and show good command of either of the two official languages of Canada. Children who are born in Canada to a Canadian citizen may be entitled to citizenship status.

Application Process

The application process after citizenship entails the submission of a citizenship certificate or birth certificate, references, photo identification, and passport-size photos. One can apply online or walk in at the closest Service Canada center.

Processing Times

The Canadian government recently introduced tools that suggest a processing time of 10-20 business days for regular service and up to 2-9 business days for urgent processing. Prospective travelers should be advised to start their applications early.

Additional Perks

Being a Canadian citizen is recognized by a Canadian passport and one enjoys the rights of voting, running, or being eligible for a sensitive security job. It also eliminates the need for renewal of status every five years thereby reducing the costs and time spent on administration. During this first citizenship year, new Canadians are also entitled to additional privileges.


A passport from Canada is also one of the strongest instruments for traveling around the world, as well as for gaining additional citizenship with many citizen privileges. Though it has a rigorous acquisition process, the benefits that come with having it are worthwhile, making it the most sought-after commodity amongst citizens and newcomers coming to Canada.

Our blog ends here. Thanks for visiting our blog today.

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