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The Australian 482 Work Visa – An introduction to the basic requirements ~ Australia Work Visa & PR

Requirements for Australia’s Temporary Skill Shortage Visa

The Temporary Skill Shortage visa, subclass 482, proves useful for employers with appropriate sponsorship to employ foreign-skilled workers in case they are unable to fill the job positions with Australian employees.

What’s important to note here is that 482 applicants need to have at least 2 years of work experience in the profession they have been selected for or in a similar occupation.

This condition is set to make sure that selected visa applicants have sufficient skills and experience required to quickly fill the gaps within the Australian job market.

It is necessary for visa applicants to have the required qualifications and skills for the job they have been selected for. Applicant must have work experience after getting the qualifications needed for the job. Although, those with formal placements can get an exemption in this regard.

The Department’s policy states that the visa applicant must have a full-time job experience in the last five years, but this policy does not adhere to the law, and it could be challenged if needed.

The applicant has to give evidence of their work experience by providing PAYG summaries, employment references, and payslips.

Do You Have Experience In A Closely Related Occupation?

In case an applicant says that they have relevant work experience in the profession they are selected for without having worked in that particular occupation, officers must see if the tasks completed as claimed by the applicant fulfill the following conditions;

  • The tasks that the applicant claims to have done have to be the same or somewhat similar to the occupation they have been nominated for as stated in ANZSCO. Plus, the skills required for the tasks completed should also be the same.

ANZSCO is used for judging if a position is similar to the nominated occupation. The ANZSCO system monitors professions in Minor Groups, Unit Groups, and Major Groups. Quite often, work experience is deemed as closely related if the profession falls in the same Unit Group. Here, case officers have the authority to take a broader approach.

Time Taken For The Final Decision

Applicants must understand that the 2 years of full-time work experience is judged while making the final decision concerning their application. Therefore, applicants who have not yet completed 2 years but are close to it can also go for this visa if they keep working in the nominated profession till a decision is finalized. A visa applicant can secure multiple months this way by utilizing appropriate tactics.

In case an employee fails to fulfill the 2 years of full-time work experience criteria, they can look for other visa options;

Temporary Activity (subclass 408) visa under the Australian Government endorsed events (COVID-19 Pandemic event) – this visa has been remodeled by the Department to serve the interests of ‘ economic recovery’ and can be approved for up to 12 months

Working Holiday (subclass 417) visa/ Work and Holiday (subclass 462) visa – noting that the visa holder is only allowed to work 6 months for the same employer (condition relaxed until 31 December 2022)

Training (subclass 407) visa for up to 2 years – the applicant needs at least 12 months of full-time experience in the occupation in the 24 months preceding the time of application

Student (subclass 500) visa – considering the 40 hours a fortnight limitation (condition currently relaxed until 30 June 2023)

There are visa options applicants can choose to gain additional experience to fulfill the work experience requirement of subclass 482. Although, applicants must be eligible for these visas before using them to secure some more time to meet the requirement for the Temporary Skill Shortage visa.

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